Refinance Advisor

There IS A Better Way To Refinance

San Diego Funding has a better way to refinance. We look at your individual situation and need and match it to the best and most suitable products the mortgage market has to offer.  The mortgage markets of today are highly specialized. Loan amount, credit scores, debt ratio, loan to value, Full Doc or Stated Income, are just some of the criteria lenders use to price loan products. Because of this, the lender and loan product that best suits your needs will be different than someone else with a slightly different profile.

What about an internet loan search?

Technology has provided us many benefits regarding the availability and variety of loan choices. But the internet alone is only a tool that if not properly utilized, will not yield the desired results. An automated rate quote from a website will not advise you that a slight adjustment in loan amount, debt ratio, credit score, or product choice may save you considerable interest and fees. It will not ask pertinent questions about your complete financial picture that may suggest another option or direction that would better serve your needs. It is by adding the experienced and knowledgeable Loan Officer that San Diego Funding provides the most suitable and comprehensive lending solution to our clients individual needs.

What about the lender I currently make my payments to?

Yes, the lender collecting your payments would be happy to keep you as a customer, especially if your interest rate is above the current market. But will they review your loan and tell you if a competitor has a better rate or program? Of course not! At San Diego Funding, we evaluate your loan options every time, finding you the best values in mortgages in today’s ever changing market.

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